Why MY Spirit?

Muslim Youth (MY) Spirit is a movement to engage, educate, and empower young Muslims of Canada to be productive, confident, and caring citizens, who are comfortable with their Islamic identity, spirituality, and heritage.

MY Spirit aims to connect the disengaged and empower the engaged Muslim youth through programs, services, and campaigns that are inspiring, accessible, and socially relevant.

This youth-led initiative is a collaborative effort of several Muslim community organizations and leaders, spearheaded by DawaNet and Sound Vision.

Key Objectives of MY Spirit:

  • To reach out to the 90% Muslim youth, who are typically disengaged from the Muslim community and institutions, through education, art, media, recreation, and civic engagement

  • To empower Muslim youth to be spiritually sound, well-informed, as well as positively charged participants and leaders in their local communities

  • To introduce programs & services that are inspiring, accessible & socially relevant to youth

  • To identify, assess, and raise awareness in public about the social, spiritual, and emotional challenges faced by young Muslims

  • To mobilize and advocate to leaders, Imams, youth workers, educators, parents and institutions for positive youth engagement and leadership in their communities

  • To network with and develop partnerships with other youth initiatives, organizations and agencies to build capacity and strengthen the existing programs, services, and institutions